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Wake Up

Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Wake Up is an adventure and reflection game in which the player is immersed in the dreams of the character. It must, night after night, beat his nightmares. To achieve this, he will have to learn to become a lucid dreamer, more he is lucid in the dream, the greater he has power and control over the environment. The level of lucidity of the character increases over the game, as the player gains new powers,by picking hidden orbs in the levels.

These illustrations represent some research i did for the visual identity of the game.

Project Details

Equipe : Clara Baudry, Alexandre Bordereau, Audrey Guénée, Angéline Guignard, Adrien Meigueddem, Baptiste Moizard, Jêrome Fillette

DATE : October 2014 to March 2015

TAGS : Projet, Ingénieur IMAC, C++, OpenGL 3+