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VFX & Gameplay

WRC 6 is a video game launch in October 2016, created by Kylotonn Games where i'm a VFX Programmer. WRC is a rally game where the player can drive around all the official rally tracks in about 14 countries.

In this game i was involved as a VFX programmer, it means that my jobs was to graphicaly create all the VFX of the game like smoke related to the car on every type of surfaces (tarmac, gravel, mud, grass etc...), water splash, collision and friction, tire explosion, exhaust pipe fire, and then do the gameplay programming like playing particle system with the car's dynamic (burn, drift etc...) on all possible surfaces ( tarmac, gravel, mud, grass, water ). So my job was a mix of 3DS Max, Photoshop and PopcornFX for the graphical part and C++ for the programming part.

Here are some in game screenshots from the Playstation 4 version :

Project Details

Team : Kylotonn Games

DATE : 2016

TAGS : VFX, Gameplay

Watch my particles in action :