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Video Mapping

INSIDE is the result of the work of a three person team. Alexandre Bordereau, Thomas Michaud and Xavier Vansteene.

Alexandre Bordereau is on the initiative of the project. Since he is a little kid he gives interest to photography and graphism. He sign each piece with the nickname of are_you_in. He consider himself more than just a photograph but a graphical photograph. In this way he expresses the fact that every picture he shoots with his camera is edited on photoshop in the goal to create strange scenes. His major piece is the collection of pictures call ‘Oh my head’. These pictures inspired the project we worked on.

Thomas Michaud is the mathematician of the team. Before to join IMAC he validate a degree in mathematics. Moreover last year during the main supervised project he worked on creating a free video-mapping software for the arts. Technically speaking he is the one to know more than everyone about video-mapping in the team. Finally Thomas is found of music edition, so he took the job of doing the soundscape.

Xavier Vansteene is the handyman of the project. He loves creating stuff from an early year age. His leitmotiv is to create using technologies. He saw in the project an innovative idea and follow the project since the beginning. He didn’t took a specific job but participate in every tasks the project involved. Also Xavier is the face of the project. Indeed projection of the animations were made on his face.

First the project has been a technical challenge. We had to confront us with the world of video mapping. It was not easy because we have not experienced this on human being before but as engineers we love to take risks. Moreover we had to open our mind to artistic point of view. A thing we have learn from our teacher is to try to understand non-scientific opinions. Sometimes we only think with a cartesian spirit like engineers do and for this project it was important to think differently. During the 5 months we encountered some difficulties. We learned from that. The first one was to underestimate the task of making 2D animations for a 3D destination. Also we took too much time to validate final animations and to be clear with what we wanted to do. Now that the project is finished we are proud of the result and we think it match with what we expected. However we missed time to focus on details and work more on the soundscape which gave a more dramatic aspect to the short film.

Détails du Projet

Animation : Alexandre Bordereau, Thomas Michaud, Xvier Vansteene

Cadrage : Alexandre Bordereau

Etalonnage : Alexandre Bordereau

Son : Thomas Michaud

Montage : Alexandre Bordereau

TAGS : Film, Projet, Vidéo, IMAC