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Imakart is a project of second year engineering school IMAC entering the course of image synthesis. This is a 3D racing game in the style of mariokart with a Lowpoly design. The goal is to beat the other competitors driven by AI. You can choose between different atmospheres for the circuit (mountain, desert, grassland) and you can choose up to 4 cars with different statistics.

This game was created by a team of 6 people (Clara Baudry, Audrey Guénée Angeline Guignard, Adrien Megueddem Xavier Vansteene and myself). I mainly dealt with the 3D modeling of the game, integrating elements and shaders for light. I also manipulated the Bullet library for the physics of the game. The main challenge of this project was to create a spherical world, it was a real challenge for us but also made the originality of this project.

Project Details

Equipe : Clara Baudry, Alexandre Bordereau, Audrey Guénée, Angéline Guignard, Adrien Meigueddem, Xavier Vansteene

DATE : Janvier 2014

TAGS : Projet, Ingénieur IMAC, C++, OpenGL 3+